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It began with the simple intention to give a gift to my Beloved. It was to be a creation that captured the essence of my Love for her, while deeply honouring and shining a Light on her Divine femininity, shared through the eyes and from the Heart of Man.

Little did I know, that, I, too, was going to receive a most precious gift.

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Let Me Pick You Up

Now more than ever, we are living in a time when the world needs our unique gifts to be shared in the name of LOVE, for our collective upliftment, healing and unification. In my heart of hearts, I firmly believe that each of us has a unique piece of the puzzle to offer in creating a world that is built on a foundation of peace, love, compassion, understanding and oneness.

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All My Love - The Whole Story

It’s so easy to place conditions on the giving of our love. We have these bottomless wells of love in our hearts and yet so often, we can have the experience that Love is a scarce resource. From this mindset, it naturally follows that we need to be cautious and selective in how we give it, who we give it to, when we give it, how much we give, and on and on it goes.

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