Let Me Pick You Up

“I don’t want to be famousI don’t need to be rich But if I had Just one wish

I would ask for enough Love To give and open up So many hearts that we could take All the pain we create And turn it into Gold Before we lose another soul

If you’ve got no faith left And you’re running low on luck Let me pick you up

If you’re broken down And you’re hurtin’ now, you’re stuck Let me pick you up…”

I still remember the moment when these lyrics poured out of me. I had just watched the Marley documentary, which offered an in-depth look at the inspiration and intention behind what would become a timeless collection of songs, the birth of a new genre of music and a true rEVOLution.

Looking back on it now, I can see how truly divinely orchestrated it was that the Legend album of some of Bob’s most classics songs just happened to be one of the first cassette tapes in my brother’s collection that found its way into my hands as a young teenager. It was as if the creative muses were planting seeds in my consciousness long before my own musical journey would begin.

Looking back on it now, it’s also not surprising that when I did start innocently and somewhat clumsily learning chords on guitar and singing that some of those anthems were among the first songs I would try my hand at. And looking back on it now, it makes perfect sense that my first band and attempts at songwriting, as well as some of my other earliest musical influences, were all following in Bob’s footsteps in some way, and making music in the same spirit.

That’s what I really came to understand as I watched that in-depth look at his artistry, music and message. It was never meant to be about gaining popularity for the sake of fame or acquiring riches out of greed.

The music was pure, inspirational and devotional. It was created to uplift people in a challenging time, to unite and activate them, and at its roots, it was music made with the intention of giving thanks and praise to God.

When that realization truly dawned upon me, the WHY behind my own artistry and music-making crystallized within me, and this song was born of that spark. Whenever my mind and ambitions pull me astray or lure me into the false promise of fame or fortune, that WHY is the true north star that lights my way back to the true calling in me that drives what I do. At its purest essence, that calling is to be an instrument for ALCHEMY, to liberate our hearts and to reduce the amount of pain on the planet. By aspiring to live and creating with the intention of helping others to FEEL, HEAL and CREATE with that same intention, we can cause a ripple so powerful that the world transforms into its fullest potential.

Now more than ever, we are living in a time when the world needs our unique gifts to be shared in the name of LOVE, for our collective upliftment, healing and unification. In my heart of hearts, I firmly believe that each of us has a unique piece of the puzzle to offer in creating a world that is built on a foundation of peace, love, compassion, understanding and oneness.

It is with that spirit that this song was written and this video was created: to play my part and to help encourage you and others to play yours.

Together, we can bring to life a new earth and the time is now. @ChrisAssaad (Click to Tweet!)

This video was shot and directed by Pavel Safonov in Venice beach over two days of venturing around spreading love to strangers by giving them a little piece of JOY in the form of my fave kind of flower🌻. All of the interactions captured were spontaneous and unscripted, except of course the surprise twist at the end which required me to dust off my acting skills and give my best performance 😉


Much love,