What Gives You Goose Bumps?

Whether it’s a magical scene in a film, an unforgettable live performance, a picturesque sunset, a romantic gesture, a transcendent work of art, a killer YouTube video, or one of those beautifully serendipitous moments, we’ve all had the experience of seeing, hearing, and feeling something that gives us goose bumps, that makes the hairs on our arm stick up, that sends chills down our spine, and that warms our heart wide open.

What is that all about? Why does that happen?

I’ve come to believe that those sensations are an expression of our soul’s recognition of itself in another or in the very thing we are experiencing, whether it’s love, inspiration, or natural beauty.

I also believe that those enlivening moments are an unequivocal call from the Divine to step more fully into being that which we truly are, to nurture and express our own gifts more passionately, to love more wholeheartedly, and to honor the blessing of this life more fully in the present moment.

When those special experiences come, it’s as if the very thing that triggers us to have those sensations is reflecting to us our own potential, our own talent, our own capacity for love and for contribution to others. It’s as if the Truth is speaking to us directly, in those places where we feel it and can’t deny it, saying: “Yes, my child, what you are feeling is real. What you have witnessed is true. And you have it too.”

And what is that “it” that is at the root of those magical moments?

It is the perfect infusion of our spiritual essence and our human nature into something transcendent. It is the awe-inspiring performance or visual or gesture, coupled with the witnessing presence of another. It is the unknowable being experienced through and by the one who cannot name or describe it. It is heaven on earth.

I’ve come to believe that those moments and the sweet nectar that they contain are what this life is all about. And each time we have the privilege of tasting that sweetness, we get the opportunity to know our true selves more fully and to step forward in the direction of our highest self more boldly. That out-of-this-world feeling is the North Star leading you to your destiny; follow it and it will lead you home.

So…What gives you goose bumps?

Much love,


Published by Positively Positive (March 5th, 2013)