Life Is Art. You Are An Artist. What Are You Creating?

Every moment we are creating our experience. Our thoughts, our words, our actions are all instances of our ability to bring forth something in the space where nothing existed before. Life is the canvas, our relationships are the canvas, conversations are the canvas, dreams are the canvas. So many of us have to come believe that creativity is reserved for the select few, that only some have any artistic ability and that the rest are relegated to a life of consuming the creations of others. This is simply not true, and you don’t need to look very far to see that you are a powerful creator of your reality.

Your life is a masterpiece, a beautiful work in progress that you are constantly refining and evolving as you learn new lessons and techniques for bringing forth your greatest potential and as you use your imagination to set your sights on what is possible.

And this is not a mere analogy. Your creative power over your life is a reflection of your innate creative ability. Perhaps you hadn’t thought of it that way, or perhaps like many of us, you are creating your life experience unconsciously and therefore, not really benefiting from having a choice to say how it goes. Consider the possibility that the extent to which you don’t believe you are an artist might be a reflection of your resignation towards your ability to shape your life more generally. The truth is that you do have a say and you do have the ability to color your perceptions, your experiences, and this amazing work of art called your life.

It’s time to take ownership of your gifts, and the blessing that is your fundamental birthright: to create, to express, to bring forth that which only you can bring forth and to have fun doing it.

They say that art imitates life.  The truth is that life and art are one and the same thing. They are both the fruit of our creativity and unique set of gifts, talents, preferences, and tastes being focused and applied to make something.

In life and in art, we must be willing to take risks to expand and grow. In life and in art, we have the opportunity to be authentic and to express both our Divinity and our human nature. In life and in art, it is our willingness to claim our gifts and use them fearlessly that will determine the extent of our fulfillment.

In the same way that we are here to create and live our lives in a way that honors our authentic nature and our highest potential, we are also here to play, to express and to make art that will embody the mysteries of life, the truth of who we are and the simple joy of creating.

Today is a new day and there is a blank canvas in front of you. What do you want to create in your life? What can you do today to playfully explore the artist in you?

Much love,


Published by The Daily Love (March 4th, 2013)