Don't Give Up! You're Soooo Close!

“The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed.” ~ Chinese Proverb

One of the greatest challenges we will face on the path to success and mastery in any worthwhile endeavor is the temptation to quit when the going gets tough. We’ve all been in that place where the obstacles seem insurmountable, when all odds are against us, when we hit the wall and our confidence and determination begin to crack.

Enter the negative voice in our heads that thrives in such times of difficulty. “Maybe it’s not meant to happen. Maybe I should focus my energy on something else. Maybe I don’t have what it takes. Maybe I should just walk away. Maybe it’s time to give up.”

Sound familiar?

I know that voice well, too, and in my case, it can be a crafty little bugger. Sometimes it comes up with the most rational and sensible reasons for me to call it a day and walk. It happens to me often when I’m writing and I get stumped. Even when it’s in the wake of abundant creative flow, if the dry spell lasts long enough to frustrate me, I find myself wanting to give up. But I’ve seen it enough times to know when to call B.S.! And I also know that when I push through, it’s often in those instances that the real good stuff comes through.

Here’s the thing. It’s not always going to be easy to reach your goal or to complete something you’re working on. The loftier the goal, the more challenging the path towards reaching it will be, which means patience, persistence and determination. Sometimes it’s going to seem impossible. Especially when you’re taking on something that requires consistent, sustained effort, it can be a battle of will to endure to the end. Sometimes, everything in front of you is going to point you to the door and you’re going to be tried, tested and tempted to give up.

In those moments, it is of paramount importance that you remind yourself of why you set out to do what you’re doing in the first place. That moment when you’re on your last legs is the exact moment when you CAN’T quit. And here’s why. Because that’s when the breakthrough is about to happen, that’s when your goal is just around the corner, that’s where the growth happens, and that’s the stuff that success and mastery are made of! You feel me?!

It’s always before that final stretch that we tend to lose focus, when we are at our weakest and we are most vulnerable to that dubious little voice.

Don’t listen. And don’t you dare give up. Not today. You’re so close. And on the other side of that hurdle, on the other side of that wall is the result you’ve been working towards, is the feeling of fulfillment you’ve been yearning for, is the beautiful song that you were meant to bring forth.

Are you thinking of quitting? Think about what amazing outcome you might deprive yourself and the world of if you do.

You’re almost there. Just a little further. You can do it. You have everything you need.

Don’t give up! You’ve got this!

Much love,


Published by The Daily Love (March 10th, 2013)