You're Not Crazy! Trust Yourself!

Too often in life we second-guess ourselves. We have a funny feeling or a hunch and we don’t listen, only to later realize we were right on the money. This has happened to me many times, and I’ve seen it on countless occasions with friends and clients. Whether it’s an inner knowing that someone we’re dating is no good for us or a sixth sense about which route to take on our drive home from work, we are constantly getting feedback from our internal guidance system and from the world around us, and yet so often we tune it out. One of the areas where I’ve been seeing this most lately is where spirituality and the realm of the unseen is concerned. All of us have had some experience that reveals to us or hints at the mysteries of life, the presence of Divine forces, the interconnectedness of all beings and a greater meaning in the unfolding of our lives.

And yet we question them and we question ourselves.

We think, “No that wasn’t a sign; I must be imagining things. Or maybe I’m just going crazy.”

We discount the synchronicities as coincidences, we close ourselves off to our connection with the Divine, we say our prayer only half believing it will be heard, let alone answered, and we limit ourselves to a very narrow conception of what life is really all about.

Why do we this?

Mostly, I believe we are scared of being right because it means we have to do something about it. It’s been said that with great knowledge comes great responsibility and when it comes to spiritual wisdom, the weight of what has been revealed to us can be especially daunting. Each seed carries the promise of a beautiful, blossoming flower but we must water it, nurture it and share its splendor with others. With each lesson learned and insight gained, we are called to go deeper and to be a living example of the wisdom we have acquired. Many would rather live in the so-called bliss of ignorance.

True bliss, however, comes from following your heart and listening to the voice of your soul. And sometimes, the path they point towards leads us to dark and unfamiliar places. This is another reason we deny our connection to the Divine and doubt our spiritual experiences, because we’re afraid of where they will take us. We are afraid of what certain people will think of us if we share our stories and experiences, if we shine our light and claim our Divine inheritance of an extraordinary  life. We are afraid of the challenges we will face along the way to our destiny and to our highest potential.

And so we deny, we ignore, we tune out, we discount, we disconnect. All of this amounts to the same basic tendency: second-guessing ourselves and our deeper knowing, our intuition, or our gut feeling. And when we do this, we miss out on the connection to the Truth that is present within us and all around us. We miss out on the gifts of life, the magic and the mystery.

Not only that, but in the absence of rock-solid-faith in and within ourselves, no amount of external validation or Grace can really penetrate our experience and impact us because our seeds of doubt will always hinder our ability to receive and allow them in.

I felt moved to write this to you because I keep hearing people I love and care about expressing their doubts about the Grace that’s been showing up in their lives, the Divinely inspired experiences they have had and the Truth that’s being spoken to them from the voice within.  I’ve witnessed so many instances of intuition being discounted and opportunities missed. And most of all, I’ve seen hearts close and deny their inherent desire to give love unconditionally. I hesitated for a second and then decided to listen to the voice within me and write this for anyone who might need to hear it.

If that’s you, I want to tell you that the synchronicities are real. The voice of your soul that’s calling you to greatness is real. The Divine forces you feel are real. Your prayers are being heard and answered, you might just be distracted by the noise of doubt to hear the answer and to allow the blessings into your life. The connection you feel and the sixth senses you have are real. And your wildest dreams. You guessed it. Those are real, too.

So believe it. Don’t waste another moment doubting or second-guessing what you know deep down inside you to be true. Live courageously and cast your fears aside. Open yourself up to the full spectrum of human experiences that are awaiting you and allow the spiritual essence that is present within us all to guide you. Ask your question sincerely and listen carefully for the reply. It will come. Let down the walls around your heart and love wholeheartedly. You will feel a love and warmth greater than anything you’ve ever experienced. Say your prayer with unshakeable faith and wait for the answer. You will be blessed beyond your wildest dreams.

You’re not crazy. Trust yourself.

Much love,


Published by The Daily Love (Feb 24th, 2013)

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