Give Yourself Permission To Be YOU!

One of the experiences that we all strive for in our relationships, in our work, in our creative endeavors and in our lives in general, is the ability to just be ourselves. And yet many of us carry the limiting belief that we can’t allow our true colors to show because we won’t be accepted as we are and people will judge or criticize us.

So instead of being true to who we are and showing up completely authentically, we hold back, we hide parts of our personality, we dim our light and we present a version of ourselves that we think people will like and accept. And as we go through life living from this place that is not completely honest, we are never truly fulfilled because we know we’re not being our true selves. On top of that, the way people respond when we show up this way is often a direct reflection of our lack of authenticity and so when we get a less than accepting or loving response, it ends up further entrenching us in the limiting belief. And so the cycle goes.

When we examine this a little further, another perspective is available. What if it’s our own lack of self-love and acceptance that prevents us from experiencing the freedom to be wholeheartedly true to who we really are? What if the lukewarm responses we’re getting from others are actually being caused by the inauthenticity we’re showing up with? What if the lack of fulfillment we feel is directly proportional to our unwillingness to step into REALLY being who we are with no hesitation or apologies?

Over the course of our lifetime, we are told that we need to do this and be that. From early childhood, we’re bombarded with so many rules and standards of how we have to live and be from family to friends to teachers to colleagues. Over time, without realizing it consciously, we assimilate the influences of our culture, religion, community, gender, etc. and adopt their rules and standards as our own.

The end result is this feeling of being stifled, not having the freedom to just be, to fully express ourselves, to rise to our full potential and to let our one of a kind brand of soul light shine BRIGHT! And although we may convince ourselves that it’s THEM who won’t love and accept us, and who will judge us, the truth is that it starts with us.

The only person whose permission you really need to be YOU and to live the life your heart desires is YOU! Any concern you have about how you will be perceived or viewed is your own criticism and lack of self-acceptance standing in your way. That’s the bad news.

The good news is: that means you can choose to give yourself full permission to be the REAL YOU right here, right now. You can let all those rules and expectations go and step into the freedom that choice makes available powerfully, boldly and audaciously and be true to who you really are.

That’s when the magic starts to unfold, that’s when true connection and intimacy become available and it’s from there that you will attract the “right” people, opportunities and experiences.

The jig is up. You’re the one holding the key. Give yourself permission to just be you and set yourself free! That is, of course, if YOU want to.

Much love,


Published by The Daily Love (March 24th, 2013)