Give Your Love Away!

Let us go on a journey together. Imagine you are walking the earth and you discover the greatest treasure in all of life. This treasure is unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced. Though you’ve come across many of the other gifts of life, this one is somehow different and seems to encompass them all. In this moment of discovering it, your experience is one of pure bliss, of wholeness, of deep connection to something greater than yourself and of being at home.

The next moment, you awaken from a deep slumber only to realize that it was all just a dream, although the feeling is still very present within you. With a heavy heart, you get up and return to life as you know it, but the memory of the experience of your dream stays with you. As the days pass, the longing to experience that feeling again, to taste of that bliss once again and to feel that sense of being at home permeate your every action and encounter. Though you are not completely aware of it, you are in a state of perpetual searching for the treasure you once had in your dream. No matter what you do, no person, place or experience seem to be able to relieve that pang in your heart, that deep yearning within you, that subtle sense of unease and incompleteness.

What if I was to tell you that this is a story about the human experience and it’s one that we all share in common? What if I was also to tell you that the incomparable, bliss-inducing, fulfilling treasure is very real and that its source lies within you?

Yes, the treasure I am speaking of is LOVE and within your heart there is a well from which this love springs forth freely and abundantly.

This, my friends is the truth about love. It lives in our hearts and we have an endless supply of it. It is ours to experience and give unconditionally, now and at all times. And yet so often, we roam the earth and spend our lives in search of it as if we are in a state of lack. We go out into the world seeking as though we need the love of others to fill us up, in order to feel good, to feel worthy, to feel at peace and to feel the joy of being alive. When these attempts fail, we seek to fill ourselves up with everything from money and power to sex and drugs, to food and facebook friends. We consume, we accumulate, we achieve, we compete and work to prove ourselves, all in the name of being worthy of love and recapturing that feeling, but nothing works. Not only that, but whatever love we believe we have is given only when we can expect to receive it in return. We withhold for reasons big and small, bestowing only on those we deem worthy.

All the while, the fountain of love within our hearts remains abundant and limitless. All along, we have held the key to unlock the treasure of love and experience the fulfillment that it promises. In order to truly experience its bountiful nature, we must give it freely with no expectation of anything in return. Yes, it is so. Love does not keep score nor does it withhold. Love flows with ease, love gives freely, love cares deeply, love shares openly, love forgives repeatedly, love allows willingly, love nurtures warmly, love expresses fully.

You have the treasure of love in your heart. Let it flow through you and to you. Give it freely and unconditionally and you will experience the fullness of its bliss, you will know its power and you will feel a deep sense of peace within.

You are home.

Much love,


Written for The Daily Love (Sept. 2nd, 2012)

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