Stop Searching And What You Seek Will Find You!

Can I tell you a story? It’s a fun one, I promise! Last weekend, a dear friend of mine invited me to a music festival an hour outside of Toronto. She was going to be there with a group of friends I hadn’t met and I planned to join them mid-day. I arrived and was instantly delighted with the familiar sights and sounds of people gathering in the name of music and love. The only challenge was that cell phones were of no avail and I had to locate my friend amongst thousands of people without a clue as to where she might be. I began looking around and after about twenty minutes of unfruitful searching, I could feel myself tensing up a little and running stories in my head that were not helping the cause.

Then I had an insight: “Stop looking and you will find them.” This struck me as an interesting and definitely counter-intuitive approach but since plan A wasn’t working, I decided to give it a shot. At that point, I was getting hungry so I decided to go for some food while I evaluated my options. I scoped a few concessions taking note of the homemade ice cream stand, which I knew I would be back to later, and got myself a wrap so I could walk and eat. A few bites in and a several paces later, I stopped to throw something out, I looked up and there was my friend standing right in front of me. We greeted each other, she introduced me to everyone and then she said: ”Hey! We were just going to get an ice cream, want one?”

As soon as I surrendered the “search” and decided to just go with the flow of the festival and be in the moment, I was guided right to the very place I wanted to be – yes, the ice cream! And my friend, too! Some would say that this was a coincidence and that life is just a collection of random, disconnected happenings and unfoldings.

Not me.

I believe that we are all connected and that there is a Divine plan of goodness for each and every one of us. I believe in synchronicity and in the unseen forces that come to our aid when we move out into action on behalf of our higher calling. And I believe in the power of believing and of having faith in a vision that is bigger than we are.

When we view life with the eyes of faith, when we connect to the greater forces that are at play in and around us, when we attune our senses to the Divine’s communications, life can be magical. There are so many manifestations of this daily in matters big and small and it’s often only a question of whether are not we are really looking and listening, Have you ever been in an emotional state, high or low, when the perfect song comes on and lets you know you are exactly where you are supposed to be? Have you ever looked up in a moment of deep contemplation and seen a billboard or ad with words that seemed to be the exact answer you were looking for? You could call these coincidences, too, but I would rather choose to view them as a little help from the Great Artist who created us and this incredible masterpiece of a Uni-verse.

What I’m learning is that when we choose to look with the eyes of faith and tune in to the voice of the Divine, what we seek will find us. What our souls desire will come to us with grace and ease. What once seemed impossible becomes a piece of cake.

And perhaps you are reading this blog thinking it was just the message you needed to hear today (if not, thanks for reading ‘til here anyways). Coincidence? You tell me.

Much love, Chris

Written for The Daily Love (Sept. 9th, 2012)

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