A Letter From A Friend

Dear Friend, I’m so glad that you are here. I have a special message for you that somehow I sensed you needed to hear today. I know that life can be tough, that some of your greatest desires have not yet come to fruition and that it can feel like you are all alone sometimes. I know that it’s easy to look in the mirror and find fault in what you see, whether you are looking at who you are on the outside or on the inside.

I want to tell you that you are not alone. Every single one of us from the most successful and most outwardly beautiful to the most intelligent and the most loved, have this deep seated fear that we are not enough, that we are not worthy of what we desire and that life isn’t going to work out for us.

I am writing you this letter to expose that fear and tell you the simple truth that can free you from all of your suffering, if you choose to believe it. I know it may be hard for you to hear this and even harder to truly accept it at face value, but I assure you, it’s what’s so. I am simply the messenger bringing you this important message at the time when perhaps you need it most.

The truth is, sweet soul, that you are more than enough. You are unique and precious beyond any measure. You were created with a purpose and a specific set of gifts and talents to contribute to this world to brighten it and make the difference that only you can make. Regardless of what the voice in your head may say, you are beautiful both inside and out, you are divinely loved and worthy of love, and you are capable of greatness, both spiritually and in the material world. Know also that your deepest desires were planted in you so that they might be fulfilled and those which have not yet been fulfilled carry the promise of something greater. There is a divine plan of goodness for you and for your life, and the only things that can hinder its perfect, divinely timed unfolding are your fear and your doubt.

I know that there is a place inside you where this truth resonates deeply. You can feel it in your heart as a warming as you read these words. That place in you has always been there and is always available to you if you choose to dwell in it and to live from it. The choice is ultimately yours, but I should tell you that your ability to experience the power of this truth depends on it, and so does your ability to receive all the blessings that are in store for you. This, my friend, is the meaning of faith. To believe even though you have not yet seen. To trust at a time when you are most being challenged.

Today is a new day and the perfect time for a new beginning. This message was sent to help set you on the path of healing and thriving that your soul has been calling for. All you need to do is let go of the limiting beliefs and false perceptions you’ve been carrying about yourself and the world, and open yourself up to the truth of who you really are. Look with the eyes of faith and trust with all your heart that you are worthy of your greatest wishes, that you are loved, that you have not been forgotten, and that at all times and in all in circumstances, you are accounted for. Live from that place, and allow the flow of blessings into your life.

And remember, you are never alone. We are all in this together. We are all enough. We are all amazing in our own one-of-a-kind way. Let us live this truth and celebrate it always.

Much love


Written for The Daily Love (Aug. 26th, 2012)

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