What Kind Of Magnet Are You?

An amazing phenomenon has been unfolding in my life over the past few months: as I’ve begun to learn to really love myself, to honor my personal truth and to shine my light, I have found myself connecting with so many amazing people who are reflecting this love and light right back to me. The more I accept myself and step into being who I really am, the more I find myself experiencing a sense of belonging and worthiness in my relationships and interactions with others. Simply put, I have been finding that light attracts light and so too, does love attract love. What I have also learned is that the principle holds true for any state of being, emotional state or state of mind. Doubt attracts doubt. Fear attracts fear. Anger attracts anger. We’ve all had those times in life when things seem like they can’t get any worse. Life keeps handing us one frustration after another and even when we feel like enough is enough, there’s that one more kick while we’re down that really pushes over the edge. What we may not realize in those moments is that it’s not until we have that rock bottom moment where all we can do is laugh at what we’ve just been through that our internal state shifts and allows us to attract the relief we’ve been seeking all along. The only problem is that we’ve been seeking the relief from a place of frustration, despondency, hurt or anger, and unfortunately this just ends up bringing us more of the same.

Since realizing this, I’ve been going around and picturing myself as a big human magnet. I constantly remind myself that whatever I am being is what I am going to attract. Whatever I see coming my way is just a reflection of the frequency I’m vibrating at. There’s a lot of power in that and the truth is that we all have it. Some of us may not have realized it yet or we have had a taste and are scared by the responsibility that comes with it so we pretend we don’t know better. However once we do embrace it, we get a say in how our life goes and things can get pretty exciting!

Of course, this does not mean that we will be completely immune to challenges and impermeable to the ups and downs of life. What it does mean is that we will have a new tool with which to face those challenges and when things aren’t going our way, we can adjust our magnet and cause a shift before we hit rock bottom.

So whatever life throws at you or whatever it is you wish to experience, set your magnet accordingly and prepare yourself to receive what you are seeking. I’ve been focusing on being a peace, love and inspiration magnet and I’ve been overwhelmed by the deepening experience of peace in my life, the pure love and the abundant flow of creative energy that have been coming my way.

You get to choose. What kind of magnet do you want to be?

Written for The Daily Love (July 30, 2011)