Listen To The Voice Of Your Soul

One of my favorite things to do is lie in bed before going to sleep or first thing in the morning, silence the chatter in my head, go deep within and let my imagination run free. In the space of stillness and silence, I can hear the voice of my soul. There is great wisdom in each of us and when we allow it to flow, we can tap into an endless stream of inspired ideas and visions of what’s possible for our lives and we can get a sneak preview of what life has in store for us. This is the same place within us where our dreams come from and when we really tune in, when we close our eyes and really listen, we can see it and hear it clearly.

Lately, the lesson of trusting myself has been showing up a lot in my life and one of the most important aspects of this has been learning to LISTEN to my soul, to the voice within, to my instincts and to trust where they are guiding me. We are all very familiar with the voice in our heads that fills our minds with unnecessary worry and with negative thoughts, that criticizes and compares, that limits and contracts. That is not the voice I am talking about. No, that is the voice of the ego and learning to discern between the two is an equally important aspect of the listening I am describing. Once we do, it can be a little scary because in its great wisdom, the soul often leads us to places that we’ve never been before. And though they present the opportunity to grow and expand by taking on new challenges, the initial response is usually to retreat in fear.

As we learn to listen more closely to this internal voice and trust in it, we begin to see that we actually have everything we need for our spiritual journey. Every experience that we need to grow is available to us. Every question that we have is ready to be answered. Every state we wish to experience from peace to love to joy is accessible to us at all times. There is a limitless fountain of creativity, ideas and inspiration for us to draw upon. It’s all right there and it is only our realization of it that is sometimes in question, as well as our trust in our ability to meet the challenges in front of us and rise to the occasion. The more we quiet our minds, the more clearly we can hear the voice of the soul and experience the abundance of wisdom that we already have in us.

The most beautiful thing I’ve discovered about the voice of the soul is that it lives in all of us. It’s the same voice guiding each of us, connecting us, and interweaving our lives like a carefully knitted quilt. That is why when we follow our soul’s urgings our lives become filled with synchronicity, with seemingly perfect coincidences and chance meetings. That is why when we see or hear someone expressing something that comes from the soul, we recognize its essence as something that lives in us too. What is also beautiful is that the voice of the soul speaks softly at first. It doesn’t force its will on us, it doesn’t impose its opinion, it calls to us gently. It is also very patient, for even though we ignore it and dismiss it often, it continues to speak to us and to light the path for us until we are ready to listen and accept its wisdom. As we welcome it more and more into our lives, as we heed its call and trust its guidance, the whispers become louder and louder. Like a fire that burns more fiercely when fuel is added to it, the voice of the soul will shout out to encourage us as we begin to walk the path that honors our Highest Self.

What is that path? For me, it’s the one that led me to discover my passion for music and that continues to lead me to follow my dreams; the one that leads to love; the one that leads to new experiences, growth and expansion; and the one that keeps inspiring me to want to make a difference in the world.

What about you? What path is your soul leading you towards? What is the voice trying to tell you? Ask and listen for the answer. Trust what you hear and trust yourself. Your soul knows.

Written for The Daily Love (July 16, 2011)