Healing & Transformation

All the answers we seek are within us.
A true guide teaches us how to use our own compass.

Chris’ gift is providing space, such that really being present is possible. In the vastness of his listening, I had the permission to fully release ancient pain, stories, and beliefs. All of this was in the way of my love, affinity, and happiness and yet I had no idea. Our sessions were safe, loving, and effortless. These sessions created the foundation of a life I now choose. Chris is as much human as otherworldly. A perfect balance of being the messenger of truth and equally humble. I am eternally grateful.
— Felicia M.

All of us have moments when we need a little extra support as we navigate our life path. 

That could be someone to be present with us and listen; someone to witness us in our challenges and in our victories; someone to hold a loving space for us to fall apart and come undone yet feel supported; someone to offer words of encouragement and insight from an objective perspective; someone who can understand and truly empathize enough to allow us to access our own compassion for our current circumstances or state; someone who can hold up the mirror and help us to take an honest look at what’s there without judgment, or to acknowledge and work through the judgment that is there; someone who can remind us of our infinite nature and champion our greatness; someone who can hold up our highest vision and help us reconnect to our belief in what’s possible; someone who can point us back to our own Heart’s immense depth and power to heal us, to guide us and to hold us all the way back to wholeness.

If this form of support calls to you, i’m here and at your service. In my experience, when we’re able to meet those challenges, lean in and move through them, there is always more Love, more creativity, a greater sense of power, ease and flow of goodness on the other side. And sometimes, we’re just needing that little bit of enCOURAGEment and a supportive presence to walk us through the tunnel. Whatever you’re experiencing, I would love to offer you my support in a one on one session.

Through my own experience as a traveler on the spiritual and creative path of life, I’ve learned that life, healing, creativity and personal growth happen in ebbs and flows. There are phases and seasons that are more inward oriented, that call for greater stillness and doing the work within. And there are periods and seasons that are more outward oriented, where our expression and being in action on our work in the world  are the focus and can unfold with greater ease.  With this in mind, I’ve created two unique offerings to support you wherever you’re at, whether that be an ebb zone of inward healing and processing, or a flow zone of creation and expression. In some instances, a session can be a bridge and support the transition from one to the other. Wherever you find yourself, together, we will tune in to what will best serve you and your specific needs and intentions over the course of our time together, whether that’s an individual session or a series of sessions over a period of time.

Heart Support Sessions

A nurturing and intimate one-on-one session where we will gently and gradually explore what’s on your heart and any challenges you may be facing. These sessions provide a deeply safe and loving space for you to share and be witnessed in your current state and circumstances. By offering compassionate and intuitive listening, I will support you in accessing your own heart’s  healing abilities to rise above and move through whatever you’re facing. We will also identify what steps, practices and actions you can take to cultivate a deeper connection to your Heart, to Self-Love and to Well-Being. The intention of these sessions is to support you in leaning into whatever challenge you may be facing, to adapt and find the GIFT in it, and to move through it with a greater sense of clarity, strength, support and ease.


  • Feeling burdened, blocked, challenged or perhaps just wanting a safe space or resting place to come up for air, to be witnessed and supported for a moment.

  • Wanting a boost in courage to face a challenging situation in your personal or professional life

  • Processing, healing, working through something and are in need of some additional energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual support.

  • Seeking a deeper connection to your heart and your intuition

  • Seeking to gain insight, clarity, or guidance in navigating any issue, challenge, area of your life.

  • Exploring and wanting to connect to your life purpose

  • Facing change and contemplating or making a transition that brings up fear.

Creative Activation & Flow Enhancement Sessions

A powerful and intimate one-on-one session where we will dive deep into what’s currently in the way of your full self-expression. Together, we will identify where there may be a block or stagnation and identify what’s available for you to open your heart, activate your inspiration, liberate your voice and get your creative juices flowing more freely. Whether you’re completely stuck or you’ve got a good flow going, the intention of these sessions is to support you in taking your expression and amping up your creative flow to the next level so that your heart’s desires and gifts can be made fully manifest in your life.


  • Know you have a unique set of gifts to share with the world are wanting someone in your corner, a shot of inspiration and help igniting your creative spark.

  • Are seeking a safe, supportive space to connect with your unique gifts, to identify blocks and get insight on how to work through them to enhance creative flow, self- expression and fulfillment.

  • Have a yearning to explore your creativity but don’t know how or where to begin.

  • Are feeling stuck or stifled and wanting to experience more flow in any area of your life.

  •  Don’t think you are creative and have a hard time calling yourself an artist.

  • Walking your creative path and are seeking clarity about next steps.

  • Are sharing your gifts and doing what you love and want to take your self expression & creativity to the next level.

All sessions are done face to face via Zoom. No preparation required, just show up ready, willing and open to explore and dive deep into the heart.


If you’d like to explore the possibility of working with me, please send an email with subject “Mentoring” to to set up a complimentary intro call for us to connect and see if it’s a good fit.

Here’s What Others Have Experienced In Working With Me…

“Chris has an incredible capacity to hold safe, heart centred space. His expansive heart centre mirrors the truth in a loving, transformative way. The amount that was shifted in one session alone was remarkable and speaks to his capacity to understand what is needed in the moment and guide the conversation and the energy in alignment with the highest potential. After 4 sessions I can see that this work has had a profound impact on my personal evolution and I am so grateful for the opportunity and the experience. If you have been thinking about working with Chris I highly recommend doing so.” - KRISTINE V.

“Chris has a naturally warm and inviting presence, which makes you feel safe speaking about anything that arises. He’s effortlessly intuitive and wise and he tapped into thoughts and experiences of mine that I wouldn’t have considered when thinking about my own creativity. I highly recommend him to any person who is either creatively thriving or creatively blocked in any way, to reach new heights and to gain a new supportive friend, perspective and mentor for your journey!”

“Chris has the incredible ability to create a space where pain can be soothed, the internal blocks that hold us back can be dissolved, and healing can happen. Throughout my time knowing Chris over the last 4 years, I’ve had many moments where I’ve been able to just let go with him, and when that’s happened, I’ve always experienced a major breakthrough in my heart, soul, and life overall. It’s not just something he does for me, it’s someone he IS with me, and it’s a profound gift that I wish everyone would have the chance to experience.” –  RAHUL B.

So today, I had my first one-on-one CREATIVE ACTIVATION & FLOW ENHANCEMENT session with Chris. Seriously, it was THE most powerful thing I could have invested my time and energy in today. So much insight packed into those 30 minutes. Totally shifted the course of my day! To call it “coaching” feels like such an injustice to what Chris delivered on that call. It was like my Artist’s Soul finally felt seen and heard in ways that I, myself, hadn’t done for myself. EVER.

The crazy thing is… that I didn’t even know that I was depriving myself of such creative SPACE — inside, and out. He’s got what I can only describe as “freaky super powers” for supporting you in *feeling* the seemingly intangible. Such a GIFT.” – SYLVIA F.

“I had been feeling lost and disconnected. Within 30-minutes of working with Chris, my perception changed. Chris helped me connect with and get present to my emotions, using them to guide me, rather than push them away. Since our session, I’ve shifted my focus to looking more at what I do have, and at the good that is around me. It helped me step outside of my comfort zone. Chris is highly intuitive and creates a safe space to explore and receive during the session. Chris is an amazing coach.” – SHARI S.

In the few moments of meeting Chris, I could sense Freedom. Hope. Peace. It was emanating from this strange person. Source had literally gifted me healing in the form of a fedora wearing spiritual gangster. Chris became my Mentor in an arrangement that was so organic and graceful. He is just covered in ease, or in his words “In the Flow ;)”.Chris’ gift is providing space, such that really being present is possible. In the vastness of his listening, I had the permission to fully release ancient pain, stories, and beliefs. All of this was in the way of my love, affinity, and happiness and yet I had no idea. My light had slowly dimmed and I acclimated, the dullness, that comfortable numbness just became my normal. Our sessions were safe, loving, and effortless. These sessions created the foundation of a life I now choose. I quit one career and began another. My marriage was renewed. My 6-year-old son now has a mother that can grant him that gift of listening, of being present. Chris is as much human as otherworldly. A perfect balance of being the messenger of truth and equally humble, the kind of humility that only comes from fighting the good fight with your own humanity. I am eternally grateful.”  – FELICIA M.