Will You Ever Be Ready?

It’s amazing to think how much of our lives we spend waiting or “getting ready” to do what we REALLY want, to be who we REALLY are and to live for what we REALLY believe in.

I’ve been discovering this about myself lately and I’m seeing it show up everywhere in my life. It’s been hard to admit but I’ve been guilty of “tomorrow” syndrome. Instead of going for it NOW, I tell myself that I’ll do the thing, finish the song, ask the girl out, make the call, have the conversation…tomorrow.

Sometimes this postponement arises from being too comfortable and other times, it’s a product of fear. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of intimacy. Pick your poison.

At the root, it all comes down to the same thing.

Whether we stay where we are because we convince ourselves that we’re content with the status quo or because we’re afraid of change, the fact is we’re missing out on the good stuff that lives in the unknown, beyond our edge.

And when it comes to the zone of human experience outside what we already know and have been through, “being ready” is a total mind game designed to keep us small and stuck right where we are.

What does “being ready” even really mean?

For most of us, it means being in total control of the outcome which again is just a way of protecting ourselves from an experience we perceive as negative such as messing up, not getting the thing we want or having to giving it a few tries before we succeed.

Well, I’ve had a few major kicks in the ass recently that have really opened my eyes to the fact that I’ve been playing small and that there’s no such thing as tomorrow. The only moment that’s guaranteed is this one and waiting to be ready is a death sentence to our full potential, both creatively and spiritually.

I’ve also been coming to the realization that when life presents us with an opportunity, it’s because WE ARE READY and it’s time to have that experience. Plain and simple. If an opportunity has come your way, it’s because you’ve attracted it and the experience, even though it may appear scary on the surface, is one your soul is calling for. As the wise Steven Pressfield says:

“The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we will feel towards pursuing it.”

When our fears come up, the challenge is to remain present, to remember that our time is NOW and that it’s less about assuring an outcome and more about being true to ourselves by going for it because that’s how we grow and expand.

So… I’ve decided that I’m officially DONE waiting and preparing! I see that I’m as ready as I’ll ever be and the truth is, I don’t have forever, I only know for sure that I have today, RIGHT NOW.

What about you? Have you been waiting, delaying or spending your time getting ready for something your heart is calling for?

If the answer is yes and this speaks to you in any way, consider this a <<<LOVING KICK IN THE ASS>>> from me to you.

If you REALLY want something… GO GET IT!!!

You are ready.

Much love,


Published by The Daily Love (February 16, 2014)