Don't Believe A Word They Say

One of the major rites of passage for anyone who is going to see their dreams realized in this lifetime is to overcome the barrage of voices that will tell them they can’t do it. The choir of naysayers can include our teachers, our parents, friends, partners, colleagues, competitors, and their motives can range from well-intended concern to deep-seated fear of regretting their own half-lived lives.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who it’s coming from or what they’re saying. If you have a vision that you can see in your mind’s eye, a desire that lives deep in your heart and a calling that your soul whispers to you to follow, all that matters is that YOU believe in it and stay the course UNTIL it comes to fruition.

I’m currently on a plane from LA to Toronto heading home to spend Christmas with my family. In the last few months, I’ve had some of the most exciting experiences of my life. After a few years of sitting on the fence, I finally summoned up the courage to move to LA to be in the heart of the action in my industry and take my career to the next level.

When I think back to all the people who have in some way or another offered their opinion about what I should be doing, I realize how much resolve I’ve had to maintain to continue on this path and to be where I am now. The doctor who told me I had to live with an aggressive hereditary condition that threatened my hearing and any hopes I ever had of playing music. My first vocal teacher who told me I would never be a great singer and who likened her experience teaching me to working with a figure skater in a wheelchair. My friends, classmates and law firm associates who thought I was crazy to leave behind a promising career for a pipe dream. The hundreds of music industry professionals who have in some way or another said “No” to what I have to offer. Relatives who have questioned what I’m doing with my life and who still don’t always really seem to get it. Even my beloved mother who just wants her son to be close by and is coming from a place of love. The list goes on and on.

The point is that if I listened to any of these voices or perspectives, I wouldn’t be living MY life according to what’s in MY heart. I’ve actually come to appreciate each and every one of them because they have given me one opportunity after the next to strengthen my faith in myself and my vision, and my resolve to keep going. And the best part is, as I begin to REALLY believe fully and completely, it’s showing up in my reality. Doors are opening, the “right” people are showing up, the support is coming my way and I’m receiving more and more reflections from others that I can do it. It’s like my unwavering belief is the only real variable, and once it’s set and in alignment with what I’m creating, it acts like a big magnet pulling all that I need towards me with ease and grace. That core faith also infuses my own actions with a totally different energy and vibration that changes their impact and effectiveness.

Whatever your dream is, the thing that matters most is that YOU believe in it and live for it even when everyone around you tells you otherwise.

Remember that it’s not them you need to convince, it’s you. In fact, some would say that the naysayers are just a reflection of our own doubt showing up to teach us what we need to learn.

I would also say that there is great value in surrounding ourselves with people who are up to similar things and who can encourage, uplift and inspire us on our path rather than bring us down. Over the past several years, I continue having to let go of certain unhealthy relationships to make space for ones that are more supportive and to stay in the energy of believing. You get to choose who you hang with, so choose wisely.

If you’re still on the fence and need a little something extra to really bring the message home. Please watch this short video of what I can only describe as a near tragedy...


This man has a monumental talent and kept it a secret for years. People told him not to share it because he wasn't good enough. To those people and to any voices like them you might be facing, i say "SHHHHHHHHH. That's enough."

To you, I say:

"Don't listen to those voices and naysayers. And don't believe the lies you've bought into any longer. You CAN do it. You ARE good enough. You are worthy and your potential is LIMITLESS. Believe it and most importantly, don't deprive the world of your gifts and your light."

Much love,


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