Do You Really Believe In Your Wishes?

Imagine this. You are the parent. You are the creator of the child. The child is a dreamer, an artist, a lover, a heart that was made for giving and a soul that is always expanding.

Would you want anything more than to see your child’s full potential reached and wildest dream manifested? Would you bring that child into this world and then limit its expression, its ability to love and be loved, its path towards growth and expansion?

Of course not.

You would do anything and everything to encourage your child; to nurture it, to support it, to help and empower it to become the embodiment of what you know it is and can be.


Of course. It’s intuitive. It FEELS good to see it that way. It resonates as the truth and what’s right.

And yet, we don’t do this for ourselves. We focus on fear, lack and scarcity. We rationalize, we look with logic and we discount our potential, we limit ourselves and WE block our own path.

You are the child. The dreamer. The artist. The lover. The giver. The whatever you desire for yourself or want to be.

We are the children of the Divine and regardless of what you want to call it, that Source of life created us to see us thrive, to see us living in joy and in love, celebrating life and the magical experience of being here on this earth, at this time.

We were created with a unique set of talents, gifts and desires and the Divine wants nothing more than to see those talents used up to the very last drop, those gifts expressed fully, and those desires fulfilled.

We each have a special heart with its own beat, its own way of loving like nobody else can and a direct connection to the Divine and to each other. And we are here to learn how to open our hearts all the way, to love limitlessly and to trust the wisdom of our Divine heart’s deepest knowing.

And yet, so many of us carry the belief that we don’t really get to have the life we truly desire. That the gifts we were given are for hobbies at best and that our talents are best kept under a lampshade rather than shining too bright. We buy into the illusion that love is something that needs to be earned, that there is only so much of it to go around and that its free flow is conditional. We get fooled into thinking that it’s not going to work out for us just because it’s not going the way we think it’s “supposed to” based on our limited perspective.

And to the extent that we believe it, it is true and it colors our perceptions and shapes our reality.

Our belief that we are not worthy limits our ability to receive fully. Our belief that we are not enough limits our ability to express to our full potential. Our belief that love is scarce and conditional limits our capacity for giving and receiving love. And so it goes.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting an amazing woman named Louise Laffey, who created an incredible game called The Wish. The purpose of the game is to help people identify and clear the blocks standing in the way of their wishes and to shift them into the flow of positive thoughts and energy aligned with their wish coming true. Louise kindly gifted me a copy of the game and I took the first opportunity to play with a group of my close friends in Sydney the day before I left.

The experience was a lot of fun and also extremely powerful. What amazed me most was to see how, time and time again, each of us was in some way getting in the way of our own wishes. This was immediately apparent as we were all initially formulating our wishes. There’s an incredible music festival that happens every year in Byron Bay called The Blues & Roots Festival that I’ve dreamed of playing ever since I first attended it on my first Aussie adventure in 2009. Since I was coming off a very affirming music-filled visit and playing the game with some of my greatest supporters and believing mirrors, I thought I’d make a wish about the festival. Even thought the next time the festival happens is this April, my first time writing my wish, I wrote that I would want to play it in 2015. When I shared my wish with the group, our intuitive guide Louise who we Skyped in to get us set up, asked, “Why 2015?” My reply was revelatory, “I said 2015 because they won’t want to book to me play until I have a new record out.” Before I even finished my sentence, I realized I had already placed a huge limit on my wish based on my narrow perspective.

Almost all of us did this in some way or another, expressing our wish in some way that didn’t truly match what our heart ultimately desired. One of my friends later revealed that she didn’t even put down the wish that she really wanted, opting instead for something that was more immediately attainable.

The beauty of the game is that it totally exposed our limiting beliefs and the ways in which we were getting in the way of our own wishes, from the size of the wish to the belief that it could actually come true.

This is something we all do and on the other side of these false, limiting beliefs, there is a simple and profound truth. If we can open our eyes, our ears and our hearts enough to allow that truth to touch us and to speak to us, it can radically transform our experience and our reality.

Dear reader, this message is for you:

Your wishes are worthy. Your dreams are real. Your gifts are special. Your heart is a bottomless well of love and wisdom. You are like no other.

Believe and be open to receiving and you will blessed beyond your wildest imaginings. Deepen your faith and take action and you will be supported beyond any measure of what you could have asked for.

Trust in the Divine plan and surrender to it. Align yourself with it completely and doors will open for you and you will be guided along the path to your greatest life one step at a time, supported by helping hands.

You get to have it all. You were created to thrive, to express, to wish, to dream, to love and be loved, to feel good and to enjoy this life.

What’s a wish you have that would make you really happy if it came true? Do you really believe it’s possible and that you get to have it?

Much love,


Ps. My ultimate wish ended up being that I wish to play the main stage at the Bluesfest in Byron Bay (plus other locations) whenever the time is right.