Miss-Understanding Gratitude? Focus On What IS!

Gratitude is one of those words that gets used a lot in many modern spiritual teachings, but which often fails to really capture the experience to which it points. Even with the helpful, practical suggestions that many have offered for creating abundance and deeper levels of fulfillment in our lives, the actual experience and proposed benefits can often evade us. This has certainly been the case with me, up until very recently.

I’ve tried making gratitude lists and I always begin and end my prayers by giving thanks for all the goodness in my life and yet, I have never seen the practices permeate my life beyond the time I spend doing them.

I had a revelation about this recently in a conversation with my good friend and inspiring artist, Alisha Z. In this week’s video blog, I share about what I discovered and the major impact it has had on my overall state of happiness and sense of fulfillment since.

If you can relate to the experience of understanding the benefits of gratitude intellectually but not really getting it or having a firsthand breakthrough in practicing it, this vlog is for you.

Thanks for watching!

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Published by The Daily Love (Oct. 6th, 2013)

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