YOU Are The Ocean!

It’s so easy to convince ourselves that our actions don’t really make a difference. It’s common to hear people say, “I’m only one person, what does it matter what I do?” often in justification of maintaining some status quo. Similarly, when it comes to our own path, it’s easy to lose sight of the little steps along the way when we’re so singularly focused on arriving at the promised land of spiritual enlightenment, relationship heaven, and dream come true type success.

We can get easily discouraged when we take the perspective that we’re just a drop in the ocean.

When we look through those eyes, nothing we do, become or acquire is ever enough. No action is ever big enough to give us a sense of progress, no achievement is significant enough to give us a sense of accomplishment, and no amount of love is enough to make us feel whole and fulfilled.

But there’s one very important thing that this view of life overlooks…

Without every drop, the ocean wouldn’t exist.

In that sense,YOU are the ocean.

Who me? Yes YOU! And me too!

Each and every one of us is an essential part of the whole and what each of us does matters.

A few days ago, I arrived in Los Angeles to begin a new chapter of my life. I’ve felt the call to come here since a visit two years ago and I’ve been flirting with the idea ever since.

Translation: I was scared shitless to leave my home and community in Toronto and take the leap of moving to L.A. to pursue my dreams on the next level.

I spent two months here this past summer that were absolutely magical both spiritually and professionally and in a moment of clarity, I knew it was time to jump in with both feet.

During that visit, I made a new friend who was here visiting from Paris and who was also feeling the pull towards being in L.A. At the same time, she was facing tons of resistance, both internally and amongst her loved ones, that were keeping her from really going for it and following her heart. On her last day before heading back to France, we had a casual lunch and I shared a little about my experience and offered a few words of encouragement having been down that road myself. We kept in touch loosely since then and she mentioned that she was taking steps to get back to L.A. as soon as possible.

Last night, my good friend Hillary Pike and I co-created a relaxing music and meditation event in Los Angeles and to my surprise, mon amie de Paris showed up to join us. After the event, she thanked me emphatically for really supporting her choice to come to L.A. and for being a voice of love and encouragement when she really needed it most.

I was so touched by her presence at the event and with everything that she shared. And as I listened to her expression of gratitude, a part of me was in disbelief thinking, “Who me? What did I do? I just met a nice friend for lunch and shared a little of my own experience.” But to her it was so much more than that and I was humbled by this realization.

We are all so very good at discounting the impact we can have on others, and the difference we can make in the world around us. We are all so skilled in the art of talking ourselves out of our greatness and our potential to bring forth light, goodness and meaningful change into this world. And we are all masters of disbelief when it comes to the things we desire and yearn for most.

Yesterday, I received a gentle and powerful reminder that what I do makes a difference and that I truly do matter. And today, I want to remind you of the very same truth.

Every thing you do has a ripple effect. Your smile, your laughter and your joy create waves of light all around you. Your love, your compassion and your care emanate warmth to all those who come into contact with you. Your vision, your persistence, your courage and your inspired action are manifesting your dreams into reality as we speak.

You matter.

You are the ocean.

Let’s go make some waves my friend :)

Much love,


Published by The Daily Love (Sept. 15th, 2013)

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