I Had A Dream...

Dear Dreamer, I’m so glad you’re here. I closed my eyes last night and was whisked away to a place deep in my imagination’s nooks and I discovered a secret so magical, a kernel of wisdom so precious, a revelation so powerful that I had to share it with you.

And even though my body was still and resting in my bed, even though my experience did not happen in the world of physical reality, in my heart I know it was real and I have not an inkling of doubt that what I saw and heard was true. And even though this was my dream, I am certain that it was not just for me or about me, but that its meaning applies equally to you, my kindred soul.

Here’s what I learned:

Each and every one of us was born for a reason. We were created to dream big, to create freely, to express fully, to love wholeheartedly and to live passionately. For each of us, this purpose’s expression in the world will look different but at its core, the essence is the same. That is, we are all connected by our relationship to one and another and to the Divine forces that gave us life, that beat our hearts and allow us to breathe, and that nudge us towards our highest potential from deep within our souls.

Yes, that nudging is real. And yes, the vision you see in your mind’s eye is not just an idea or a figment of your imagination, it is a preview of what’s to come. Within each of us, there is a seed and it yearns to grow, to sprout up and out into the world and to blossom fully so that its magnificence can radiate forth in gratitude to the heavens and to ignite the sparks of inspiration within all that experience it.

And so, the ultimate reason each of us are born is to discover that seed within us, to nurture it and water it with love, with kindness, with passion, with persistence and most of all, with faith. With faith that the yearning we feel within us is indeed a higher calling. With faith that we are indeed worthy of growing to our full potential and being a light in this world. With faith that the sun will shine on us and the rain will fall on us to provide us all that we need to grow, to rise up and to realize the true purpose for which we were created, the one that is contained within that little seed. With faith at every step that even though we are not there yet, that our path is unfolding in perfect timing and that we are just where we are meant to be.

That, my dear dreamer, is what is real, true and certain. And this world we live in and this reality we believe to be the truth are full of falsehoods and illusions. The beliefs that we have experienced that cause us to doubt ourselves, to limit our potential, to question our dreams and our abilities – those are all lies that keep us from experiencing the fullness of the life, the being, the creation, the existence we dream of.

It’s time to wake up into the reality you have dreamed of for so long and to recognize who you really are and what this life is truly about. It’s time to honor the seed within you and to live to bring forth the masterpiece that you were made to create. You are the masterpiece. You are worthy and you matter. You are one-of-a-kind.

Water that seed and let your love grow. Nurture your vision and let your light shine. Listen to the truth within you and speak it out loud.

You were born for a reason. Your dreams are real.

Much love,


Published by The Daily Love (April 14th, 2013)