More Than Words!

There are certain words in the languages we use that when used inappropriately, create a disconnect from what is real and what is true. An example would be the use of an adjective like “sour”, typically used to describe the way something tastes, to describe an object like a chair. There are exceptions where slang comes into play but in most cases, anyone would raise an eyebrow at the expression “sour chair”. The same applies to pairings like “orange breeze”, “eloquent hairdo” and “hilarious disease”. At this point, you’re probably wondering what the F this strange grammar lesson has anything to do with the Extreme classic (it doesn’t), not to mention personal growth and why it’s being published by The Daily Love. Patience grasshopper, we’re getting there.

There is a special cluster of words in the English language intended for the description of THINGS such as ‘enough’, ‘perfect’, ‘worthy’, ’beautiful’ and so on, that can fail epically when we use them to describe human BEINGS. These words speak of measurements and refer to some abstract, highly subjective standard of what is enough, what is perfect, what is worthy and what is beautiful. And yet time and time again, we strive to be “enough”, to be “perfect”, to be “worthy”, to be “beautiful” with no true experiential reference for what any of those words really mean and if they can even apply to who we are and what makes us special.

The disconnect lies in the fact that we are not merely physical objects or things. We are so much more than that. Yes, we inhabit these physical bodies and we exist on the physical plane, but at our core, our true essence and nature is spiritual. In the same way that the unusual pairings above don’t make sense and don’t reflect the true qualities of the objects being described, when we apply these words and the measurements they imply to ourselves, they just don’t fit.

We’re also each an original, one-of- a-kind creation and the idea that any word or definition could ever capture the highest and best (those words are trouble, too) state of our potential is INSANE!

We are infinite, divine, spiritual beings and our true nature is immeasurable, unquantifiable and unlimited. Now those are some words that are a better fit for who we really are! So free yourself of these words and standards that will never truly capture even a fraction of who you are or what you’re capable of. Remember that these words were never meant to be used to describe (or limit) you because you’re one of a kind, your potential is boundless and no word or measurement will ever do you any justice.

If you’re a word nerd like me, and you just can’t help getting sucked into the naming game and the need to use words to define yourself, choose wisely and pick ones that make you feel good, that inspire and empower you, that lift you up and give you the fire to light up your life and those around you. Know what I mean, unstoppable jelly bean?

And just in case you didn’t hear a word I’ve said, believe me when I tell you that you are enough, you are perfect, you are worthy and you are beautiful just the way you are!

Much love, Chris

Written for <a href="" target="_blank">The Daily Love (Nov. 25th, 2012)</a>

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