A Letter From A Friend (Pt. 2)

Dear Friend, How are you? What’s been happening in your life since I last wrote? My life has been full of ups and downs in the past few weeks and I’m writing to share what I’ve learned with you.

Life has an ebb and flow to it. We are not always going to be able to live in a state of extreme joy, bliss and happiness. There are gray days, there are challenges, and there are slips and stumbles along the Path.

Knowing and accepting this is the beginning of wisdom. When we are wise, we know to look for the lesson in the difficult times. When we have wisdom, we know to stay the course on the dark days when we are feeling down and discouraged because like the sun, our hope and faith will rise again. When we are truly wise, we know that love is free and unlimited. When we give it unconditionally, we receive it in even greater measure though it will not always come from those to whom we give it.

My friend, life is not always easy, but it is simple if we wish it to be. It is simple to the extent that we always have a choice. We have a choice between love and fear, between peace and conflict, between faith and doubt. We have a choice when it comes to who we will be in this world. Choose who you want to be and allow this choice to be the foundation of all other choices you make, regardless of what life presents you and what others may say or think. You belong to you and your life is yours to live and to co-create with The Uni-verse.

As life and the Divine plan for each of us unfolds, we can either be HERE now and give our full attention and presence to the gift of this moment, to the conversation at hand, to the breath we are breathing, to the moon and the stars in tonight’s dark blue sky. Or we can let our thoughts take us back to that day back then or that someday when. We can allow ourselves to be carried away and miss the very space in which all of our dreams and experiences are set to unfold. Yes, right here in the NOW is where it all takes place. This moment HERE and NOW is so precious and at the same time, it is passing and will quickly give way to a new one which carries a new promise and possibility.

And for this reason, we must never hold on too tight. To life, to love, to creativity, to time, to riches, material or spiritual. Whatever we have, let us use it up and give it away in the faith that we will always be provided for and that there is no shortage in the supply of all these blessings. Whatever life brings, let us savor it and experience it fully in the knowledge that it is not meant to last forever because though we are here in this world, we are not of it. Yes, we are eternal spiritual beings and we are here on earth for a common purpose: to awaken to our Divine nature, to give, to love, to heal, to learn, to grow, to play, to create, to feel, to share, to serve – together and for the greater good of one another.

These are the lessons I’ve been learning of late and I am glad to be able to share them with you my friend. May this day be your best yet and may we all choose powerfully to be ourselves. May we live fully in this moment and may we always choose peace, faith and love.

Much love, Chris

Written for The Daily Love (Sept. 23rd, 2012)

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