From My Heart And Soul To Yours

I’m writing this in one of those rare and precious moments of true bliss. After a magical few days of life’s goodness in the ever-so-soulful New York City, my heart is wide open and I’m overflowing with love. As I allow the love to flow through me and really FEEL it, my single greatest desire is to spread it and SHARE it with you. So let’s have a heart to heart. Let’s talk soul to soul. Here’s what my heart and soul want to say to you:

Do you know that you matter? Do you believe that your every little thought, your every emotion, your every word and every action make a difference?

It’s so easy to feel like we are small, insignificant, like our lives don’t really have any impact on the whole. But they do. They really do. And that includes YOU. Yes, little old YOU. Amazing YOU! The one and only YOU!

When I look into your heart, I can see that there is an abundance of Love, Inspiration, Hope, Joy and so much more. It’s all in there but sometimes we lose our connection to our Source and to the Divine within us and we stop the flow of all this goodness that is our birthright and our true nature.

Part of the human condition is that we think we are separate from what we truly desire, that we are alone and that we will be left out or forgotten. We buy into the illusion that we are not enough, that we don’t have enough, that we are not supported materially or spiritually. We get fooled into believing that our dreams are unattainable, that life is meant to be a struggle, that pain and suffering are inevitable.

But here is the simple and beautiful truth:

You are enough. You are loved and worthy of love. You are connected to all of it and there is nothing that you can’t do if you set your heart and soul’s focus on it. You are a magnificent creature with unlimited potential. Your deepest and purest intentions were planted in you so that they could be fulfilled and the Uni-verse is ready to support you at every step.

Deep down in your soul, you know this without a single shadow of a doubt. Perhaps you forgot it for a moment so I am here to remind you. We are all connected and each and every one of us is so powerful that our lives have a huge impact on the whole.

Knowing this, what will you choose to do? Who will you choose to be?

You are the Love. You are the Inspiration. You are the Hope. You are the Joy.

Be it. Let it flow. Spread it and share it.

You matter. Yes YOU!

Much love,


Written for The Daily Love (June 9th, 2012)