To The Artist In You!

Dear Artist, I know you’re in there. I am writing this letter to tell you that the world needs your light. Each of us has a special set of gifts to share and you are the one and only you - there is nobody else like you. I know it’s scary to create, to open yourself up to criticism and to express what you’re feeling. I also know that creativity is a part of who you are and that to find fulfillment in life, we must acknowledge and honor our true nature.

Maybe you were hurt somewhere along the way. Or maybe someone laughed at you and told you that you weren’t any good. To allow those experiences to keep you from being creative, from doing what you love and shining your light, only gives them more power. You hold the key to your own healing and by using it, you can also give others permission to heal.

I’ve seen that light in you flickering in the presence of other artists’ authentic expression. When you heard that song that touched your soul, when you saw that picture that embodied the essence of a sunset, when you tasted that delicious treat that was a little piece of heaven. The same divine energy that gave rise to those magnificent creations lives in you and it’s waiting to be used. Not just used but used up - every last drop of it.

So USE your voice and let the healing begin. Find your instrument and let the music PLAY you. Write your story and allow yourself to be transported to another time and place. Photograph that timeless moment. Design that one-of-a-kind piece. Dance those worries away. Do what you LOVE and do what makes you FEEL good. Not to be rich or famous. Not to get the attention of others. Not to achieve any outcome but just for the pure JOY that you get from doing it. Simply, because it is who you are and it is what you were born to do.

Let go of the need to be perfect. Let go of attachment to outcome. Let go of any fear of being judged. The greatest thing to fear is to live life without really living, without feeling, without being fully self-expressed, to die with your music still inside you, with your creative tank full.

Dear artist, I know you can hear me. Please find the courage and the strength to overcome anything that has kept you stuck or stood in your way up until now. Let this be the day that you commit to honoring your creative gift and your special talent once and for all.

Above all, remember that you are not alone. Look around and you will see that there are so many others like you. Your dreams are real and what you’ve seen in the eye of your imagination is a glimpse of what’s possible. The world needs your light and the Uni-verse is cheering you on and ready to support you in any way it can. All you have to do is trust your instincts and believe in yourself. I believe in you and I am here for you. I love you and I can’t wait to see what you create.


The Artist in me


Written for The Daily Love (May 12th, 2012)