Be The Space For Your Dreams To Grow!

Each of us was created with a specific purpose and a special role to play in the evolution of consciousness during our stay here on Earth. The seeds of the fulfillment of that purpose live within us along with the potential for the manifestation of our dreams. The two go hand in hand. When we are living out our intended purpose and fully expressing our unique gifts and talents, our dreams begin to show up in our reality. All of that sounds dandy but as I walk the spiritual Path and navigate life one day at a time, I often ask myself what that actually looks like. What is my purpose and what are my dreams? How do I bring them to life? How can I live a life that I love and find fulfillment from moment to moment while making a difference and adding value to the lives of others? All of these are great questions and they are definitely worth exploring. BUT… (yes, there’s a “but”) there comes a time when seeking answers and trying to “figure it out” can get in the way of our ability to BE PRESENT and ALLOW life to unfold.

Think of the journey of a plant from the time its seed is planted in the soil until it is fully grown.  It doesn’t spend its life asking questions like: “Am I too green? Do those trees like me? Will I find the right flower to spend the rest of my life with? Will the sun come out tomorrow? Do I have enough water to survive today?”

This is one of the great miracles of nature. The plant just is. It lives, grows and serves an integral role in one of the most fundamental biological processes on the planet without ever worrying, fussing, complaining or questioning. And the best part is, the Uni-verse looks after it during its lifetime with all the water and sunshine it needs. The plant doesn’t last forever but while it’s here on Earth living, it fulfills its purpose and allows life to flow through it effortlessly. Sometimes it could probably use a little more or less of those essential nutrients but in those instances, it doesn’t expend any unnecessary energy worrying or complaining about it. If anything, it makes the most of what it has and just keeps on plant-ing on until its life cycle is complete.

We can learn a lot from nature and from the example of the plant. So much of our lives and our energy are spent overdoing, trying too hard, worrying too much and ultimately struggling more than necessary to survive. Life is not always a picnic but we were not created to struggle for survival - we were made to thrive. One of our greatest tasks in fulfilling this purpose is learning the lesson of surrender to life’s rhythm and flow.  That means allowing what will be to be, trusting that we will be provided for and knowing that all is well, even when it doesn’t seem that way on the surface. Of course, there are certain key nutrients that the seeds in our soul need to grow such as love, faith and gratitude. In the same way that the sun shines its light down on all of us without leaving anyone out, these essential soul nutrients are always available to us in great abundance. It is only the shadow of our own doubts that causes us to live in darkness, but we must remember that no one is forgotten. We are all equally worthy, equally loved and always provided for.

So our greatest challenge then is not to figure anything out, to struggle or to make this or that happen. Our greatest challenge is simply to let go and create the SPACE for life and all of its miracles to unfold through us, within us and around us. Our greatest challenge is to trust wholly and completely that the we are supported, that we are loved and worthy of love, that everything we need to thrive will show up right on time. Our greatest challenge is to act from this place and ALLOW our purpose and dreams to emerge clearly and evolve organically one little bit at a time.

We were born with the seeds of our dreams planted within us and life is ready to provide us with everything we need and more to bring them to fruition. All we have to do is let it happen.

Just be the space and the rest will follow.

Much love,


Written for The Daily Love (May 25th, 2012)