Wake Up On The Right Side Of The Bed

Good morning sunshine! One of the most amazing things about life is that every day we get a fresh start. The catch is that it’s up to us to turn a new leaf every day and that begins the moment we open our eyes. What is the first thing you think about right when you wake up? I know for me, there are days where it seems I am actually woken up by mental activity that seems to have started before I was even fully awake! It could be worrying about all the things I have to do that day or remembering some unresolved issue from the day before. Some mornings, I’m rolling over and reaching for my phone to check messages before I’ve even had a sip of water or taken a conscious breath.

When we don’t take the time to center and nurture ourselves, and consciously direct our thoughts before going out into the world, that’s what it means to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. As our day unfolds, there are so many things that can throw us off and it’s important to be ready for all of it, to choose our state of being on purpose and to get ourselves in the best space to make the most of the day ahead. Once we do that, then we’re much better equipped to take advantage of the opportunities of a new day and to face any challenges that come up.

The way to wake up on the right side of the bed is simple: establish a self-nurturing morning practice and stick to it wherever you are. All you need to do is set aside 15 minutes of time for your body, mind and spirit before you do ANYTHING else.

It starts as soon as you wake up. Before your mind has a chance to run away on you, before you get caught up in the happenings of the outside world, take a few deep breaths, feel your body, smile and acknowledge the gift of being alive and the promise of a new day. Here are some suggestions of things to include in your morning practice:

• For your Body: drinking water, stretching, breathing exercises. • For your Mind: Journaling, affirmations, gratitude list. • For your Spirit: Meditation, chanting, praying.

Of course, these are just some of my favorites and it’s up to you to tailor your practice to your own preferences and needs. If you need some guidance, seek out a teacher or someone who has experience in the area you are interested in to help get you started. The more you get into these practices and expand your morning ritual, you may want to give yourself more time but 15 minutes is a great way to start.

So make the most of the gift of each new day and begin consciously choosing your state of being as soon as you open your eyes to ensure that you wake up on the right side of the bed and get your day off to the best start possible!

Written for The Daily Love (Sept. 24th, 2011)

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