February 26, 2014  |  Positively Positive

An Open Letter To God (Part 2)

Dear God,

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Words cannot even begin to describe the incredible ways in which you have responded to my last letter and answered my prayer.

I asked for a miracle. I asked to know you, to really know … Keep Reading

November 19, 2013  |  Positively Positive

An Open Letter To God

Dear God,

I trust you will get this letter wherever you are. I’m writing to you because I have a very special request. This isn’t your typical prayer because I’m not asking for something small. I’m also not asking for you to intervene and restore peace … Keep Reading

October 4, 2013  |  Positively Positive

Do It For The Love Of It!

I’m currently riding the high of a rare cup of half decaf cappuccino and overflowing with energy after a very inspiring conversation with my new roomie in L.A. about telling stories that empower us. I couldn’t wait to get to my Mac to see what … Keep Reading

August 29, 2013  |  Positively Positive

All You Need Is…

Hello sweet reader,

I hope this message finds you smiling. I’ve been going on a little journey within this past week by limiting my use of external sources of pleasure to feel good, from food to Facebook to flirting. I’ve had some challenging moments and some … Keep Reading

July 31, 2013  |  Positively Positive

Remember Who You Are

Dear friend,

I am writing you this letter with a simple but profound intention. A gift of wisdom was recently given to me, and I want to share the same gift with you.

The treasure of its truth is one you may have discovered before, but it’s … Keep Reading

June 13, 2013  |  Positively Positive

Failure = Fuel

When I was growing up, the first bad F-word I learned was a never-to-be-uttered swear word that has now become much more commonly used and to which many of us have become largely desensitized.

As we move from childhood to adolescence and into adulthood, a different … Keep Reading

May 9, 2013  |  Positively Positive

It’s All Happening!

“It’s all happening!”

When I first heard this line in Almost Famous (which has since become one of my favorite flicks), I related to it instantly. Coupled with the title, the idea of being on the path toward the realization of a grand vision or lifelong … Keep Reading

March 5, 2013  |  Positively Positive

What Gives You Goose Bumps?

Whether it’s a magical scene in a film, an unforgettable live performance, a picturesque sunset, a romantic gesture, a transcendent work of art, a killer YouTube video, or one of those beautifully serendipitous moments, we’ve all had the experience of seeing, hearing, and feeling something … Keep Reading

February 14, 2013  |  Positively Positive

A Letter To Your Heart

Dear Heart,

Are you there? If so, please ask your mind to be still and silent for the next few minutes so we can have a true heart-to-heart conversation. I wrote this letter for you, and I’m so thankful that you’re here and that we get … Keep Reading