November 27, 2013  |  The Daily Love

You Are What You Desire

For a long time, I’ve wanted to learn how to surf. I just got back from the amazing Harmony House Yoga Fest in Pismo beach and had a few opportunities to get in the water with some seasoned surfers, which I resisted fiercely because of … Keep Reading

November 19, 2013  |  Positively Positive

An Open Letter To God

Dear God,

I trust you will get this letter wherever you are. I’m writing to you because I have a very special request. This isn’t your typical prayer because I’m not asking for something small. I’m also not asking for you to intervene and restore peace … Keep Reading

November 10, 2013  |  General

Do You Really Believe In Your Wishes?

Imagine this.

You are the parent. You are the creator of the child. The child is a dreamer, an artist, a lover, a heart that was made for giving and a soul that is always expanding.

Would you want anything more than to see your child’s full … Keep Reading

October 28, 2013  |  The Daily Love

Writing For The Right Reason

I’m sitting on my bed legs stretched out and Mac on my lap in the guest bedroom of my good friend’s flat overlooking Dee Why beach in Sydney. The view from here is absolutely spectacular. I can see the beach and all the activity along … Keep Reading

October 24, 2013  |  Positively Positive

Riding the Waves of Life, Love, and Creativity

For the past few days, I’ve had that familiar feeling that there’s something within me that wants to be expressed, but every time I approach the blank page or my instrument, it doesn’t seem to want to come out. Or at least not the way … Keep Reading

October 22, 2013  |  The Daily Love

For Those Days When You Just Don’t Feel Like It…

Today’s been one of those days that the writing just doesn’t seem to be flowing. I went to bed last night a little unsettled about an email I received from a close friend who I haven’t been clicking with lately, and I woke up with … Keep Reading

October 14, 2013  |  Heart To Heart

Thank You, Thank You

Dear God,

Thank you for this beautiful day, this moment right here.
I’m alive and with both eyes I can see,
And with both ears I can hear.

Thank you for the gift of life and love
My heart’s filled up and I’ve always had more than enough
To eat and … Keep Reading

October 7, 2013  |  The Daily Love

Miss-Understanding Gratitude? Focus On What IS!

Gratitude is one of those words that gets used a lot in many modern spiritual teachings, but which often fails to really capture the experience to which it points. Even with the helpful, practical suggestions that many have offered for creating abundance and deeper levels … Keep Reading

October 4, 2013  |  Positively Positive

Do It For The Love Of It!

I’m currently riding the high of a rare cup of half decaf cappuccino and overflowing with energy after a very inspiring conversation with my new roomie in L.A. about telling stories that empower us. I couldn’t wait to get to my Mac to see what … Keep Reading

September 30, 2013  |  The Daily Love

The Trouble With Words…

One of the amazing gifts we human beings possess is our ability to use language to express ourselves, to communicate with each other and to describe the world around us. When we look more closely, it’s interesting to notice how the words we use have … Keep Reading