June 30, 2013  |  The Daily Love

The Art Of Dream Catching (Part 1)

Some will tell you that there’s real life, and then there’s the kind of life we all wish we had that we can only dream about. There’s the world of making rent, paying bills, changing diapers, failed relationships and meeting deadlines on one side – … Keep Reading

June 23, 2013  |  The Daily Love

Growing Hurts But It’s Worth It!

Each and every one of us has the potential to be great. Yes, we are all born with the seeds of greatness within us.

So the question is: what separates those who realize that potential from those who don’t quite make it?

The single most important attribute … Keep Reading

June 13, 2013  |  News

Life By Me: “You Are An Artist. Yes. You.”

Life By Me is an amazing one-of-a-kind platform that’s all about sharing meaning by asking all sorts of people from artists to parents to world leaders to visionaries: “What is most meaningful to you?”

After years of being a huge fan of the site, I was … Keep Reading

 |  Life By Me

You Are An Artist. Yes. You.

There’s no greater thrill than the enlivening buzz of creativity flowing through me. Whether it manifests as a song, the written or spoken word, dancing, painting, coloring, or straight up silliness and playing just for laughs, the act of creation is one of the most … Keep Reading

 |  The Daily Love

Are You Having An Off Day?

Some days, for no good reason at all, we wake up feeling off, not our usual selves, maybe even a little down.

Does this mean there’s something wrong with us? Does this mean our spiritual practices are failing? Does this mean we should give up on … Keep Reading

 |  Positively Positive

Failure = Fuel

When I was growing up, the first bad F-word I learned was a never-to-be-uttered swear word that has now become much more commonly used and to which many of us have become largely desensitized.

As we move from childhood to adolescence and into adulthood, a different … Keep Reading