May 26, 2013  |  The Daily Love

Take Back Your Creative Freedom!

Oh hello blank page. So nice to see you again!

It’s amazing how open you are, how you give me the freedom to play and dance with words. You let me do whatever I want and yet so often, I feel intimidated by you. As if … Keep Reading

May 12, 2013  |  The Daily Love

When You Believe…

Ok I admit it – I watch American Idol…sometimes. And The Voice,too, which I must say definitely has more soul, in my humble opinion, but that’s not the subject of this blog.

As an artist, I find the premise behind these kinds of shows fascinating. The … Keep Reading

May 9, 2013  |  Positively Positive

It’s All Happening!

“It’s all happening!”

When I first heard this line in Almost Famous (which has since become one of my favorite flicks), I related to it instantly. Coupled with the title, the idea of being on the path toward the realization of a grand vision or lifelong … Keep Reading

May 5, 2013  |  The Daily Love

There Are No Shortcuts To Mastery!

Learning takes patience.

By definition, setting out to learn a new skill or to put a new teaching into practice in life or in any craft requires us to first acknowledge that we don’t know how to do something or be a certain way. For many … Keep Reading

May 2, 2013  |  News

Toronto! I’m Baaaaaack!

Oh Toronto, how I’ve missed you! It’s been waaaaay too long since my last hometown show and I’m pumped to announce that I’m BACK and I’ve got a special show coming your way! <insert hi-5 here>

I’ll be playing at my favorite TO spot, The Drake … Keep Reading