December 30, 2012  |  The Daily Love

Turn Your Expectations Into Appreciation!

We all have multiple personalities. Or at the very least, we have multiple aspects of our personalities. There’s a part of us that knows it’s destined for greatness, that sees others shining their light in the world and that knows we have our own light … Keep Reading

December 23, 2012  |  The Daily Love

The End Of The World As We Know It…

Hello friends,

If you’re reading this blog, that means that Sunday came around this week and that we survived the highly anticipated “end of the world”. Phew! No disrespect to the Mayans, but I can honestly say that I wasn’t too concerned about the predictions coming … Keep Reading

December 9, 2012  |  The Daily Love

Uncondition Yourself And Love Wholeheartedly!

From very early on in life, we are taught implicitly that love is conditional. Whether it’s a well-intended “good boy” when we open wide for that extra spoon of apple sauce, the hugs we got when we would hurt ourselves, or the bonus allowance we’d … Keep Reading